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Within the Kabalistic writings, there is a prediction that in the Age of Aquarius everyone will know about the secrets of the Kabala, because they will be essential principles. Scientific knowledge and advancement was necessary in order to bring about the Age of Aquarius, where all people recognize the laws of nature. That time is now. We are living in the Age of Aquarius.

Our amazing access to information, through resources like the Internet and our generally global world, make this the time when accessing this long-hidden information is possible. It took the catastrophic events of the last century—the Holocaust, terrible world wars, and most recently, September 11—for people to want to explore the deeper ends of their spiritual traditions, in order to seek solace for the confusing and seemingly cruel world.

Now that we are here, we have a responsibility to learn about the principles of the Kabala, and to access the World which has been hidden from us for so long.

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