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Kabalist Mike Zapolin has appeared numerous times on NBC's "Today Show," cable/TV network programs aired on ABC, CBS, CNBC, and CNN, along with newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, and Success. Zapolin consults to celebrities, business leaders, and politicians, helping them to infuse their life with essential Kabalistic energy.
Zapolin has recently been a featured speaker at Harvard Business School's "Leadership, Values, and Spirituality" conference, and in China at the Economist Magazine’s "Global Branding" conference. Zapolin has used his Kabalistic insights to create some of the largest and most vibrant communities on the internet including Music.com.

A leader in bringing lucid explanations of the Kabala, "the why of life", to people across the globe. Read Mike "Zappy" Zapolin's IntentBlog.

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