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Kabala is simply a compilation of the basic truths of the Universe. Hidden for thousands of years, Kabala’s knowledge has been suppressed by people who were afraid that in the wrong hands, Kabala’s secrets could be dangerous. The truth is quite the opposite, when harnessed with the right intent Kabala’s secrets have literally saved mankind.

Kabala is not about organized religion, it's about science, ethics, and reality. It's about tapping into the energy of the Universe.
Kabalist Mike "Zappy" Zapolin

By Mike "Zappy" Zapolin
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Essence of Kabala
A 5 min intro by Mike Zapolin. See the video
Ask the Kabala - Featuring Deepak Chopra and The Kabalist Mike "Zappy" Zapolin

Read Deepak Chopra's letter of recommendation for Zappy.

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